California-Rooted Experiences

Whether you’re in the mood to be active outdoors or just relax and become a true California beach bum, we’ve got you covered. Check out all the different experiences we offer, and live a day in the life of an Encinitas local.


What better way to experience Southern California than getting surf lessons from one of our seasoned instructors who grew up on the local waves. Our lessons include everything from wetsuits to surfboards. Along with your surf lessons, you have the choice to add-on photography packages so the memories last a lifetime.


Whether you want to clear your mind before you begin your day or unwind after a full day of activities, Surfhouse’s partner yoga instructors offer several different private yoga classes for any size group and level. Our yoga classes take place right on the beach for the perfect environment to find your zen and refine your practice.


Surfhouse offers surf guiding packages that are designed for more experienced surfers who want to find fun uncrowded waves. A local guide will take you around to the hidden gems and best spots for your skill level, where you can avoid the crowds and learn everything there is to know about each spot – from currents, winds, sandbars, reefs, and more.


Surfhouse is stoked to offer a new all-inclusive weekend package that allows you to live the California dream; surf in the AM, golf in the PM. Gather your foursome and join us for a 3-night all-inclusive weekend of surf sessions, with 2 rounds of 18 holes mixed in between.


This 3-day all-inclusive package is designed to fine tune your surf skills with a local guide while demoing your choice of Bing surfboards. As a part of the surf coaching, you will receive daily photo and video, with 2 days of video analysis.

A Day In The Life

From the moment you wake up at Surfhouse till you crawl back into your cozy room, there’s an endless amount of things one can experience in a day. So, here’s what an average day looks like at Surfhouse.


The surf is usually the best first thing in the morning. Fuel up for your session with a coffee and a light breakfast from our favorite neighborhood coffee joint.


Take a walk to the local beach or hop in a guided Surfhouse surf trip to a different break and enjoy a morning on the waves. Our area has great waves for surfers of all levels!


Lunch like a true local. If you haven’t heard already, nothing screams “San Diego” like a classic California burrito. Don’t forget to add guacamole!


Hop right into one of the fun-filled adventures that will take you all over San Diego. Whether it ’s stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking or local beer tours, we know where it all happens.


There are an array of amazing happy hour spots within a two minute walk of Surfhouse. Head out and mingle with the locals and enjoy a tasty local brew, wine, or cocktail.


Pause for a moment and watch one of our breathtaking sunsets. Walk to Beacons beach and you will be perched high up on a bluff with a perfect panoramic sunset view.


Encinitas is known for much more than just being one of the top surf towns in the world. Grab a bite from one of the many restaurants offering all the local flavors or enjoy some craft beer and wine, made right in San Diego. Cheers!


After a fun-filled day of surfing, sunshine and good eats – you’ll need to recharge. Rest up and relax at Surfhouse so you’re ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping in!

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