Surfhouse Adventures | California Surf Camp
Surfhouse Adventures is the ultimate California surf camp with guided surf surf trips and a boutique motel in San Diego.
surf camp california
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Born and raised in Encinitas, a surfing mecca, we grew up with the local breaks as our backyard. We created Surfhouse and Surfhouse Adventures with the vision to immerse you in our local surf community, customize your surf experience and make sure you get stoked.


About Nikki Harth

How long have you been surfing?

Started surfing at the age of 12, and haven’t gotten out of the water since!

Favorite board:

6’ Hayden Shapes Shred Sled

Favorite place to eat?

Breakfast at GoodOnYa, lunch at Fish 101, dinner at Pandora’s, followed by delicious beer from the Regal Seagull. A perfect day of foods.

Why do you enjoy teaching people to surf?

Helping someone catch their first wave, and know that it’s the first step to becoming a surfer is what I’m passionate about. I know my first wave changed my life, and it’s exciting to know surfing can change theirs.


About Sander Harth

How long have you been surfing?

I’ve been surfing for 16 years

Favorite board:

5’10” Sharp Eye Disco

Favorite place to eat?

It’s a toss up between the grilled shrimp sandwich at Fish 101 and a California burrito from Karinas.

Why did you start Surfhouse Adventures?

To share the joys of surfing and our local community with travelers from all over the world. The best memories I have from traveling are when I connected with locals and was able to experience a place as more than a tourist. That is the feeling I am trying to give our guests at Surfhouse Adventures.